Java Applets for Analysis of Trusses, Beams and Frames (2004)


Java applets are developed to assist in the learning of basic structural analysis concepts. In order for these programs to be easily available over the Internet, they are written in the object-oriented Java programming language. The Java programs known as applets are embedded in HTML documents. The HTML documents, part of a series of instructional units, present the topics demonstrated by the applets. The applets include truss and frame determinacy applets; a three-hinged arch bridge applet; determinate and indeterminate truss analysis applets; determinate and indeterminate frame analysis applets and an influence line analysis applet. These programs are available to any student or instructor with Internet access. The applets provide good examples of the application of object-oriented programming and the development of software for a graphical user interface. They also serve as excellent tools that facilitate the understanding of structural engineering concepts utilizing a medium that allows independent learning at an individual pace.



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